little things
yesterday's soup    7
ahi tuna crudo/jalapeno soy vinaigrette/chili aioli/scallions/tempura bits  17
crispy flatbread/see daily listing  13
roasted beets/goat cheese fritters/arugula/peppered pistachio/aged sherry vinaigrette    9
tuscan kale salad
/cranberries/pine nuts/parmesan/evoo/lemon    9
roasted cauliflower/miso/tahini/peanuts/pickled onions/scallions/cilantro 13
flash fried brussels sprouts/ fish sauce caramel/peanuts/gouchugaru/cilantro/mint 13


ahi tuna sashimi niçoise/potato/greens/capers/olive/tomato/mustard-tarragon vinaigrette  17
bbq chicken salad/romaine/black beans/jack cheese/corn/tomato/jicama/cilantro/scallions/tortilla/ranch 13
wheatberry kale salad/chicken/almonds/feta/cucumbers/tomatoes/olives/scallions/red wine vinaigrette 13
grilled shrimp salad/chickpeas/tomato/pine nut/olive/heart of palm/feta/lemon-poppy dressing  16
moroccan kale salad/chicken/apples/parsley/fried quinoa/celery/onions/chickpeas/tahini vinaigrette  13
cobb salad/chicken/avocado/bacon/blue cheese/tomato/egg/red wine vinaigrette  13
duck confit salad/frisee/bacon/honey-onions/fries/poached egg/lemon-truffle vinaigrette  13
cranberry chicken salad/mixed greens/brie cheese/apple/candied pecans/cranberry dressing  12
island salad/romaine/pea pods/onion/edamame/pineapple/macadamia/ginger-miso dressing    
with baked tofu or grilled chicken - 12          with grilled shrimp - 16

in between

grilled portobello sandwich/beets/tomato/pickled onion/goat cheese/basil aioli/grilled ciabatta  10   
beef & brie melt/shaved sirloin/caramelized onions/grilled baguette/horseradish-mustard sauce  10
grilled chicken wrap/black bean/avocado/onion/tomato/jack cheese/cilantro/chipotle ranch/frites  10
burger/wisconsin sharp cheddar/red onion marmalade/frites  12
grilled chicken & fontina sandwich/arugula/tomato chutney/basil aioli/grilled ciabatta  10

something extra

house-made barbeque chips/blue cheese dressing    4
polenta fries/black trumpet mushrooms/parmesan/truffle/herbs    8
frites/truffle aioli    7
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